Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni
James Madison Medalists

1973 – John Bardeen
Physics *36
Inventor of the transistor,
discoverer of the theory of superconductivity,
twice Nobel Laureate in Physics

1974 – Thornton N. Wilder
Modern Languages *26 (Novelist)
Three-time Pulitzer Prize recipient,
winner of the National Book Award for fiction
and one of the most consistently experimental American writers

1975 – William O. Baker
Chemistry *39 (Bell Labs Scientist)
Scientist, business executive, statesman and
distinguished pioneer in the application of modern science
for the welfare of humanity

1976 – Andrew J. Goodpaster
Civil Engineering *49 Politics *50 (NATO Commander)
Soldier, Statesman, and Scholar

1977 – John W. Milnor

Mathematics *54 (Topologist)
Mathematician, creator of modern differential topology

1978 – Frederick Seitz, Jr.
Physics *34 (President, Rockefeller University)
Physicist and Statesman of Science

1979 – W. Michael Blumenthal
Woodrow Wilson School *53 Economics *56
Treasury Secretary, Business Executive,
Economist, Internationalist and Devoted Princetonian

1980 – Lowell Thomas

History and Politics *16 (Broadcaster/Journalist)
World explorer, chronicler, and
master of the modern media for over half a century

1981 – Ira O. Wade
Modern Languages And Literature *24
(Professor of Romance Languages)
Il A Cultivé Son Jardin

1982 – Jack W. Peltason
Politics *47 (Pres. of American Council on Education)
Teacher, Scholar, Advocate, Leader

1983 – Lewis H. Sarett
Chemistry *42 (Scientist)
Inventor, scientist, research executive and
distinguished leader in the use of science for the good of humanity

1984 – John W. Tukey
Mathematics *39 (Professor of Statistics)
Teacher, scientist, creative pioneer in modern data analysis
and influential advisor on public issues

1985 – Robert Venturi
Architecture '47 *50
Il rachθtera l'Art superbe épuisé par...tant de lignes inanimées!
--Paul Valery, "Paradoxe sur l'architecte", 1891

1986 – Milton B. Babbitt
Music *42
Composer, Teacher, Scholar
"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T. S. Eliot

1987 – John Hugh MacLennon
Philosophy *35
Novelist, Essayist, Teacher
He has defined the identity of a people, as he has charted their movements to a consciousness of that identity, in a prose that can reach, in the words of Edmund Wilson ’16, "the point of genius.”

1988 – Robert F. Goheen

Classics '40 *48
Teacher, scholar, statesman,
leader in the effort to assure graduate education
its place of high honor in the nation’s conscience

1989 – Lyman Spitzer, Jr.
Physics *38
Astronomer, Physicist, Teacher, Leader
The force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age…
… (nor am I) dumb to tell a weather’s wind how time has ticked a heaven ‘round the stars.
… after Dylan Thomas

1990 – William J. Crowe, Jr.
Politics *65
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 1985 – 1989
Admiral, Scholar, Unifier, Peacemaker

1991 – Steven Weinberg
Physics *57
Unifier of the Forces

1992 – George F. Will
Politics *68
Political Analyst, Social Commentator,
Scholar of the American Pastime

1993 – Edward Witten
Physics *76
He binds the universe's past and the future with superstrings,
knotting nature's forces in symmetry

1994 – William G. Bowen
Economics *58
Ever the teacher, ever the leader,
he calls upon us to follow the power of the mind
and the promptings of the heart

1995 – Norman R. Augustine
Aeronautical Engineering ’57 *59
Engineer, industrialist, statesman, charitarian,
whose visionary leadership gives flight to innovation

1996 – Cornel R. West
Philosophy *80
Scholar, teacher, freedom fighter,
a brother who speaks this truth to power,
that all, especially the least of us, matter

1997 – W. Anthony K. Lake
Woodrow Wilson School *74
Forceful advocate of a foreign policy of "engagement and enlargement,”
his advice to the President combined a realist’s understanding of the possible
with an idealist’s conviction of the necessary

1998 – Charles Rosen
Modern Languages and Literature ’48 *51
Pianist, author, scholar: a prodigious contributor to the fields of
music, literature and intellectual history, his life's work uniquely combines
elegant scholarship with artistic intuition.

1999 – Ralph E. Gomory
Mathematics *54
Scholar with a practitioner's hand, practitioner with a scholar's mind,
and with an engaging wit beside.

2000 – Chang-Lin Tien
Mechanical Engineering *59
Engineer, scientist, educator. He accents excellence,
inspires others and radiates good judgment in all his undertakings.

2001 – N. Lloyd Axworthy
Politics *72
Shaping practice to vision, this exemplary Canadian
led the world to a path-breaking landmines treaty

2002 – George B. Rathmann
Chemistry *51
Scientist with Insight
Entrepreneur with Foresight
Pioneer with Vision

2003 – Peter D. Bell
Woodrow Wilson School *64
Global philanthropist

2004 – Harold T. Shapiro
Economics *64
Educator, scholar, and public servant
"who taught us all to hear, and heed, the highest call."

2005 – Nathan P. Myhrvold
Applied Mathematics *83
Physicist, champion of research and invention, and Renaissance man ... society is richer for the
generosity with which he shares his vision
2006 – Arthur D. Levinson
Chemistry *77
A leader and innovator in scientific research
and business, he inspires by example
for the benefit of mankind
2007 – Julius E. Coles
Woodrow Wilson School *66
Dedicated public servant and humanitarian,
distinguished educator, supportive mentor,
inspiring role model
2008 – Lawrence P. Goldman
Woodrow Wilson School *69 *76
Passionate visionary of urban transformation
and champion of the arts for all

2009 – Claire E. Max
Astrophysical Sciences *72
Pioneering astronomer whose adaptive optics
revolutionized the capabilities of
ground-based telescopes

2010 – David H. Petraeus
Woodrow Wilson School *85 *87
Most distinguished soldier of his generation and
embodiment of Princeton in the Nation's service

2011 – Elaine Fuchs
Biochemistry *77
Pioneering leader in cell biology and the genetics of skin research and mentor extraordinaire
2012 – Lisa P. Jackson 
Chemical Engineering *86
Dedicated public servant, inveterate mentor, tenacious protector of the environment, and champion of environmental justice

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