Here we celebrate Princeton graduate alumni who have achieved world renown.
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Nobel Prize Winners
    1996 - Richard Smalley *74
    1951 - Edwin M. McMillan *33
    2000 - James J. Heckman *71
    1994 - John F. Nash *50
    1979 - Steven Weinberg *57
    1977 - Philip W. Anderson *49
    1972 - John Bardeen *36
    1965 - Richard P. Feynman *42
    1961 - Robert Hofstadter *38
    1956 - John Bardeen *36
    1937 - Clinton J. Davisson *11
    1927 - Arthur H. Compton *16
Current and Former U.S. Ambassadors
Ryan C. Crocker *85
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq; Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan; U.S. Ambassador to Syria; U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait (1994-98); U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon (1990-94)

Ralph A. Dungan, Jr *52
U.S. Ambassador to Chile (1964-67); Chancellor of Higher Education, State of New Jersey (1967-77?)

Ronald I. Spiers *50
U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (1977-79); U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan (1981-83); Under Secretary of State for Management, U.S. Department of State (1983-89); Under Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs, United Nations (1989-92)

Alfred H. Moses *51-52
U.S. Ambassador to Romania (1994-97)

Theodore H. Kattouf *83
U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

David P. Rawson *89
U.S. Ambassador to Mali (1996-99); U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda (1993-96)

Peter R. Chaveas *80
U.S. Ambassador to Malawi (1994-97)

Donald B. Easum *50
U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria (1975-79); U.S. Ambassador to Upper Volta (1971-73); President, African-American Institute (1979-88)

Brandon H. Grove, Jr *52
U.S. Ambassador to Zaire (1984-88); Director, Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State (1988-93)

Robert E. Service *60
U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay (1994-98)

Richard C. Holbrooke *70
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; U.S. Ambassador to Germany (1993-94); Vice Chairman, CS First Boston (1996-99); Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, U.S. Department of State (1994-96); Managing Director, Shearson Lehman Hutton/Lehman Bros. (1985-93)

Robert G. Houdek *72
U.S. Ambassador to Uganda (1985-88); U.S. Ambassador to Eritrea (1993-97)

Barrington King *73
U.S. Ambassador to Brunei (1984-87)

John S. Wolf *79
U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia (1992-95); U.S. Ambassador to APEC (1997-99)

Charles F. Dunbar *81
U.S. Ambassador to Qatar (1983-85); U.S. Ambassador to Yemen (1985-91)

Keith L. Wauchope *84
U.S. Ambassador to Gabon and Sao Tome & Principe (1989-92)

William L. Eagleton, Jr *67
U.S. Ambassador to Syria (1984-88)

Richard B. Parker *65
U.S. Ambassador to Algeria (1975-77); U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon (1977-78); U.S. Ambassador to Morocco (1978-79)

Gerald B. Helman *74
U.S. Ambassador to the European Offices of the UN and other International Organizations in Geneva (1979-82)

Holsey G. Handyside *53
U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania (1975-77)

Samuel W. Lewis *64
U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1977-85); President, U.S. Institute of Peace (1987-93): Director, Policy Planning Staff, U.S. Department of State (1993-94)

Barbro Appelquist-Owens *73
U.S. Ambassador to Niger

William W. Crawford, Jr. *68
U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus (1974-78)

Robert W. Keeley *71
U.S. Ambassador to Mauritius (1976-78); U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe (1980-84); U.S. Ambassador to Greece (1985-89)

Nicholas A. Veliotes *70
U.S. Ambassador to Jordan (1978-81); Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern & South Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of State (1981-83); U.S. Ambassador to Egypt (1983-86)

William C. Harrop *69
U.S. Ambassador to Guinea (1975-77); U.S. Ambassador to Kenya and the Seychelles (1980-83); Inspector General of the U.S. Department of State (1983-86); U.S. Ambassador to Zaire (1988-91); U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1991-93)

Vernon D. Penner *80
U.S. Ambassador to Cape Verde (1986-90)
Current and Former Ambassadors of Other Countries
Gilane Allam *83
Ambassador of Egypt to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Island States; Ambassador of Egypt to India (1995-98)

William Thune Andersen *57
Danish Consul General in NYC (1977-84); Ambassador of Denmark to Egypt (1984-87); Ambassador of Denmark to Japan (1987-92); Ambassador of Denmark to Italy, Malta, Albania & San Marino (1992-94)

Daryal Batibay *74
Ambassador of Turkey to the People’s Republic of China; Ambassador of Turkey to Croatia (1995-98)

Janos Jelen *95
Ambassador-at-Large, Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador of Hungary to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (1997-99)

Martin Butora *94
Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the United States

Hazem Z. Nuseibeh *52
Ambassador of Jordan to Egypt (1969-71); Ambassador of Jordan to Turkey (1971-73); Ambassador of Jordan to Italy (1973-75); Ambassador of Jordan to the UN (1976-83); Senator, Jordan House of Senate (1983-85); Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs, Government of Jordan (1985-??)

Anton A. Bebler *63
Ambassador of Slovenia to the UN Offices in Geneva (1992-97)

Jorge Berguno *57
Ambassador of Chile to the United Nations Offices in Geneva (& from 1982-85); Ambassador of Chile to UNESCO (1980-82); Ambassador of Chile to Australia (1985-88); Ambassador of Chile to Canada (1988-90)

Niels K. Dyrlund *71
Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand; Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore (1994-97)

Jorge Edwards *59
Ambassador of Chile to UNESCO

Takashi Onda *59
Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Daniel Passent *63
Ambassador of Poland to Chile

Flemming B. Pedersen *70
Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda; Ambassador of Denmark to Tanzania (1992-98)

Niels C. Tillisch *62
Ambassador of Denmark to Portugal; Former Director of Protocol, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1994-97); Ambassador of Denmark to Turkey (1989-94); Ambassador of Denmark to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Cyprus (1984-87)

Diego Valenzuela-Rodriguez *61
Ambassador of Chile to Thailand; Former Ambassador of Chile to Saudi Arabia (1994-96); Chilean Consul General in NYC (1990-93); Ambassador of Chile to the European Community (1988-90)

Dirk J. Van Houten *57-58
Ambassador of the Netherlands to Canada; Ambassador of the Netherlands to China (1992-98); Ambassador of the Netherlands to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador & Honduras (1988-92); Ambassador of the Netherlands to Suriname (1984-88)

Yishan Zhang *84
Ambassador of China to the United Nations Offices in Vienna

Rolando Stein-Brygin *60
Ambassador of Chile to the Czech Republic (1992-98)

Lawrence B. Ekpebu *62
Ambassador of Nigeria to Cote d’Ivoire (1984-??)

Suk-Woo Kim *86
Ambassador-at-Large of Korea (1996-??)

Wilted J. Phiri *66
Ambassador of Zambia to Sweden (1990-??)
Kensuke Yanagiya *51
Vice Minister of Japan; Ambassador of Japan
Other Notable Graduate Alumni
W. Michael Blumenthal *53
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (1977-80); Deputy Special Representative for Trade Negotiations (Kennedy Administration); Chairman of the Kennedy Round of Trade Negotiations (Kennedy Administration); Chairman & CEO, Bendix Corp. (1972-77); Chairman & CEO, Burroughs Corp. (1980-87); Chairman & CEO, UNISYS Corp. (1987-90)

David L. Aaron *62
Under Secretary for International Trade, U.S. Department of Commerce; Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (1977-80); U.S. Ambassador to the OECD (1993-98); Director, Oppenheimer International Ltd. (1981-85)

W. Anthony K. Lake *69, *74
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (1993-97); Director, Policy Planning Staff, Department of State (1977-81)

Lawrence P. Goldman *69, *76
President & CEO, New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Meldon E. Levine *66
U.S. Congressman (D-CA) (27th Congressional District) (1983-93)

Robert A. Taft II *67
Governor of the State of Ohio; Secretary of State of Ohio (1991-98); Commissioner, Hamilton County, Ohio (1981-91); Member of the Ohio House of Representatives (1976-81)

Peter D. Bell *64
President, CARE; President, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (1986-95); President, Inter-American Foundation (1980-86); Deputy Under Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare (1977-80)

Richard C. Leone *65, *69
President, The Century Foundation; Chairman, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (1990-94); Treasurer of the State of New Jersey (Byrne Administration 1974-76)

William F. Burns *69
Retired Major General, U.S. Army; Director, U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency (1987-89)

Robert G. Abernethy *52
Editor, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, Educational Broadcasting Corporation; Moscow Correspondent, NBC News (1989-95)

F. Taylor Branch *70
1988 Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, “Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63”

Sheryl Wu Dunn *88
Foreign Correspondent, Tokyo Bureau, New York Times; 1990 Pulitzer Prize Winner for coverage of Tienenmen Square/China

Judith Miller *72
Senior Writer, New York Times; Foreign Correspondent, New York Times (1991-96); News Editor, Washington Bureau, New York Times (1986-89)

Robert L. Johnson *72
Chairman & CEO, Black Entertainment Television

Karl E. Meyer *53
Contributing Editor, Art/Ideas, New York Times; Member of the Editorial Board, New York Times (1979-98)

James A. Johnson *68
Chairman, Executive Committee of the Board, Fannie Mae and Chairman, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Chairman & CEO, Fannie Mae (1991-99); Managing Director, Shearson Lehman Bros. (1985-90); Executive Assistant to Vice President Walter F. Mondale (1977-81)

John D. Gerhart *69, *75
President, The American University in Cairo

Jason D. McManus *58
Editor-in-Chief, Time-Warner, Inc. (1987-94)

Robert C. Wilburn *67, *70
President and CEO, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Secretary of Budget & Administration, State of Pennsylvania (1979-83); Secretary of Education, State of Pennsylvania (1983-84); President, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1975-79)

Peter M. Dawkins *70, *79
Vice Chairman and EVP, Travelers Property & Casualty Co., Citigroup; Brigadier General, U.S. Army-Retired (1959-83); Heisman Trophy Winner (U.S. Military Academy - 1959)

Daniel W. Christman *69
Lt. General, U.S. Army, Current Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy

Michael P. Huerta *80
Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation (1997-98); Associate Deputy Secretary and Director, Office of Intermodalism, U.S. Department of Transportation (1993-97); Executive Director, Port of San Francisco (1989-93); Commissioner, NYC Department of Ports, International Trade & Commerce (1986-89)

Bilsel H. Alisbah *61
Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey (1994-95); Vice President for Personnel & Administration, World Bank (1990-94)

Gary L. Perlin *75
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, World Bank

V. Manuel Camacho Solis *72
Mayor of Mexico City (1988-94)

Takatoshi Kato *68
Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Japan (1997-99); Vice Minister for Finance & International Affairs, Government of Japan (1995-97)

Emmett D. Carson *83, *85
President, Minneapolis Foundation

Francisco X. Swett *74
Member of the Congress of Ecuador (1988-90)

Joseph L. Robinson *66
Solo Oboe, New York Philharmonic Orchestra

William A. Thorsell *72
Editor-in-Chief, The Toronto Globe and Mail

Barbara A. Cassani *84
Chief Executive, Go (Airlines)

Carlos Argaez Caballero *77
Minister of Mines and Energy, Government of Colombia

Murray L. Weidenbaum *54
Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors (1981-82)

John S. Dyson *67
Deputy Mayor for Finance & Economic Development of New York City (1994-96)

Jan Orloff Piercy *73-74
U.S. Executive Director, World Bank

Edward F. Ahnert *71
President, Exxon Education Foundation

Robert D. Shaw *73
General Manager, The Aga Khan Foundation

J. Andrew Spindler *75, *83
Executive Director, Financial Services Volunteer Corps

Lawrence R. Meyer *76
Editor, The Washington Post Weekly Edition

Kenneth A. Bode, *79
Dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Host, Washington Week in Review, Public Broadcasting (1994-99)

Harry O. Ritter *78
Managing Editor, News, USA Today

Leo A. Falcam *66
President, Federated States of Micronesia

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